The pilotage service during road transport consists in providing additional support and security when moving a load of high weight, dimensions or special requirements that may affect the safety of other road users. Pilotage is most often used for the transport of extremely large components such as machinery, construction equipment, infrastructure or building materials.

During the on-road pilotage service, a specially qualified pilot who has the appropriate qualifications and experience is responsible for coordinating traffic and road safety. Before starting transport, we prepare a detailed route plan that takes into account the dimensions and weights of the cargo, road restrictions such as low bridges or narrow roads, and determine the checkpoints where the load must be stopped to ensure safety.

During transport, our pilot is always close to the load and uses various techniques such as directing traffic, informing other road users of the presence of cargo, warning of hazards and controlling speed to ensure that the load is transported safely.


We have a team of qualified pilots who have a lot of experience


We make sure that each of our transports has all the required permits in a given region

A pilot service is essential to ensure safety for both the transport itself and other road users. Thanks to the pilot, the transport of heavy loads can be carried out in an efficient and safe way for all parties involved. Our company also makes sure that transport with a pilot has the necessary permits in a given region.