Oversized transport is a specialized transport service that allows the transport of very heavy and large-size loads that require special means of transport and proper organization and coordination of activities.

Oversized transport is necessary for the transport of large and heavy machinery, industrial equipment, steel structures, energy generators, transformers, wind turbines, elements of road and railway infrastructure and other unusual loads whose weight and dimensions exceed the permissible standards.

Our company offers oversized transport because we have specialized equipment, including low-loaders, platforms and transport sets with increased load capacity, specialized vehicles with hydraulic lifts, mobile cranes and other equipment enabling safe transport of unusual loads and all necessary


We have specialized equipment, including semi-trailers, thanks to which we can offer oversized permit transport services.


We meet all the necessary requirements and have a number of permits for oversized transport

Oversized transport is a service with a high level of complexity and risk, which is why it requires experience and specialist knowledge. Therefore, trust professionals today and be calm about your cargo.